Benjamin Kalman

Software developer with 14+ years experience in full stack web, desktop, and mobile application development.

Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Go, C#, C++.

Skills: Web + ecosystem, React, Node.js + ecosystem, full stack, Unity.


Neara • Senior Software Engineer • 2023

Dart, Python, TypeScript, React.

Neara is an platform that “creates 3D network-wide models that reflect and simulate how utility assets behave in their real-world environment”. Currently I am working on the Dart frontend.

Salesforce • Software Engineering Architect (Quip) • 2018-2022

TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Web, React, Node.js, AWS, iOS, Windows.

Quip is a real-time collaborative document, spreadsheet, and chat application for web, desktop, and mobile. It was structured as a largely independent company within Salesforce until Salesforce acquired Slack in 2021, when it became part of Slack.

Attic Labs • Software Engineer • 2015-2018

Go, JavaScript, Flow, React Native, Web, iOS.

Attic Labs was an 8-person startup that developed Noms, a novel open source database. It was acquired by Salesforce in 2018.

Google • Staff Software Engineer • 2009-2015

C++, JavaScript, Chrome Extensions, Python, Java.

At Google I spent 5 years working on Google Chrome, the desktop web browser used by billions of people. Most of these were developing the Chrome Extensions platform – installable applications most visible as large buttons on Chrome’s toolbar, where I was a Staff Software Engineer and technical lead for 2013-2015.

My first year (2009) at Google was on Google Wave, the short-lived email competitor. I worked on features in the web frontend (Java / Google Web Toolkit) and backend (Java).

NICTA • ERTOS Research Associate • 2009

C, Python.

NICTA was Australia’s IT research centre, later renamed Data61 and merged with CSIRO. I worked with the Operation Systems group, called ERTOS. I built productivity tools, contributed to a version of the Linux Kernel being developed by ERTOS, and contributed to the seL4 project.


BSc Computer Science (Honours) • UNSW • 2005-2009